I recently had the pleasure of working with Jan Štumpa on yet another project.  Jan is not only a talented and innovative video producer who always surprises in a good way, but above all a responsible professional who is not afraid to think outside the box and approaches each task creatively without the whole team suffering.  His sense of detail, overall aesthetics and visual narrative is truly unique.

And that's just for starters. What really sets Jan apart is his willingness to go above and beyond his scope and take on other professional duties if a critical situation requires it. For example, due to the international pandemic travel restrictions, when the director from England could not arrive on set in Czech Republic.  This was therefore threatened by a costly postponement of the dates, possibly by an entire cancellation. However, that didn't stop Jan from taking on a substitute directorship and successfully overseeing the project.  He not only managed the technical aspects of the shoot, but also worked with the rest of the team to ensure that the director's vision was fully realized.

Throughout the entire project, Jan's professionalism, dedication, and positive attitude were truly admirable.  He went above and beyond his professional duties to ensure the end result was a success.  I would highly recommend Jan to anyone looking for a skilled and innovative video producer who can handle every challenge that comes his way. 

-- Martin Ferdus, project "Metamorphosis” contractor. --

Barbora Bielková, Kateřina Hurychová, Ondřej Zuch, Sergej Sanža a Jan Krajčírovič.
Divadelní režie: Sergej Sanža
Hudba: David Smečka
Světelný design: Bob Racek
Kostýmy: Alžběta Hanzlová
Produkce: Michaela Jelínková
Dramaturgie: Jan Krajčírovič
Lokace: Zdeňka Vlachovská
Fotografie přípravy: Anka Dufková
Fotografie natáčení: Eva Kolomazníková
Filmová režie: Martin Ferdus, Jan Štumpa
Ostřič: Michal Zima
Střih: Jan Štumpa
Kamera: Miloslav Bouška
Hlavní kameraman: Jan Štumpa
Produkce: Martin Ferdus
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